Starting a blog… on startups

This weekend, I was dubbed two nicknames – The Hackathon Goddess and Miss Melbourne. These names came about 1. from the ridiculous number of hackathons I’ve been running (this is my 3rd weekend in a row) and 2. from the range of Melbourne events, meetups and conferences I am present at. Whilst thinking about what these names mean for others and myself, conversation over dinner encouraged me to write a blog about the crazy, insane, awesome world I’ve become a part of.

Working for the Carlton Connect Initiative and being involved in many hackathons, events, startups, meetups, conferences, launches and openings, has shown me a side of life I never would have thought possible 10 years ago. Not only am I involved in these, I have run them, organised and MC’ed them and I’ve learnt a fair bit along the way. From meeting big CEOs to the ins and outs of delivering the ideal pitch, I’ve witnessed some of the best the startup culture has to offer.

I’m in a position some people would kill for and I’m eternally grateful to be here and ‘in’ this amazing ecosystem. I want to share my ideas, thoughts and knowledge gained from attending so many events in the hope that it will spark the imagination, mind and creativity of anyone looking to run their own startup, interested in entrepreneurship or simply wants to follow the culture of Melbourne as it grows into a global business leader.

Enjoy reading, I welcome feedback and follow me on social media if you so desire. I do live Tweet all the events I’m at… you’ll feel like you’re really there!

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