“I love this city”

In the words of Fredde, “Put Your Hands Up for Detroit Melbourne”… cause this city is awesome!

There’s so much happening in this amazing place so I thought I’d take a moment to recap some hackathons and talk Melbournianism

Yes, I totally just made that word up, Melbourianism (now let’s make it a thing). Onto other matters. Recently, Mastercard with PTV and the City of Melbourne ran a Smart Cities Hackathon as part of the Intelligent Transport Systems conference. This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase Melbourne’s talent on a global scale and work with some top notch people. Interestingly, the hack was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Whilst I haven’t run a hackthon in such a large open space, the organisers did an amazing job partitioning the room and creating a very collaborative environment.

Chill Out space for the hackathon
Chill Out space for the hackathon
Teams hacking away. Loving the flipcharts for each group
Teams hacking away. Loving the flipcharts for each group

The Mastercard hackathon also saw the resurrection of AngelHack’s presence here in Melbourne. Fun fact, the AngelHack hackathon back in 2012 (I think it was that long ago, correct me if I’m wrong Frenchie) was my first hackathon. The hack scene fell away a little bit after that but saw a huge return in early 2015. AngelHack is back on the map with more hacks planned in Melbourne for 2017. I’ve also rejoined the team as an AngelHack Ambassador, so keep an eye out for the token red hoodie.

The iconic AngelHack hoodies are back
The iconic AngelHack hoodies are back

During the Mastercard hack, I ran into a very interesting person. Taylor Tran. He is an absolute gun, covertly covering the Melbourne startup scene, and somehow managing to avert himself to my presence. Taylor is the author of Innovation Melbourne the first ever guide to coworking spaces, thoroughly documenting the vibrant ecosystem Melbourne has to offer. I managed to get my hands on this super light, but incredibly handy book. With quotes from founders, community managers, and mentors, Innovation Melbourne is a must in any entrepreneurs’ arsenal of information. Taylor is a huge supporter of Australian businesses, and you can purchase his book on Booktopia (definitely can recommend). He’s gone overseas at the moment, but you’ll see Taylor him back and presenting at Future Assembly Tech Expo.

Last weekend saw HealthHack take over Australia. HealthHack 2016 ran in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, and Perth (not sure what happened to Hobart…) It was fantastic to see the collaboration between cities, both on Twitter and Slack. By having a nation-wide twitter handle, it was easy to see the huge amount of noise made about MedTech, HealthTech, and care. It’s a topic close to many people’s hearts and Melbourne is paving the way for innovation in this industry. One only needs to look at the new Cancer Research Centre, Bio21, Future Crunch, Royal Melbourne, a multitude of medical startups, the huge number of health-focused groups, and the insane number of research projects. If anyone is into BioTech, MedTech, or HealthTech, Melbourne is the place to be…

Deep in thought at ThoughtWorks
Deep in thought at ThoughtWorks

… in fact… Melbourne is just the place to be in general. I said it at the start of this post, and I’ll say it again; I love this city. It is a thriving hub for science, culture, arts, startups, entrepreneurs and more. The creative and talented ecosystem is busting at the seams, taking over every aspect of Melbourne’s iconic landscape; it’s lane-ways, event spaces, gardens, galleries, museums, cafés, libraries and more. And the best thing is EVERYONE can be a part of it. To find out what suits you, check out the City of Melbourne’s handy website.

Snapped this pic from the top of ThoughtWorks... see Melbourne is pretty cool
Snapped this pic from the top of ThoughtWorks… see Melbourne is pretty cool

Keep an eye out on my blog and Twitter for tonnes more awesome hackathons and events coming up soon. I’m currently IN a hackathon now so look out for the Energy Hack 2016 write-up coming this week. Check out my upcoming events page for some of the big Melbourne events, and for hackathons, see here. I promise to do more posts and try to keep on top of this ridiculously hectic hive of activity. If you want to follow exactly what’s going on, you can always follow me on Twitter.

See you all at the next big hack (or event). On a random note, I think this song title/lyric thing might stick… let’s see what I can hustle up for the next post.

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