Welcome to 2017

Hey everyone and welcome back to 2017. Can you really say welcome back though? I mean we didn’t really go anywhere, but whatever, we’re all here now (wherever that is).

Every year I like to change my theme for the blog around, just to give things a fresh look and a new perspective. So I’ve gone with the bluey, orangey, clean look – I think. Oh and if you hadn’t noticed before, my alias is Huskie, so I thought that should go at the top of the blog as well.

I’ll keep it brief, but new things for this year:

  • Hackathons have their own page (about time right?) – check it out here: Hackathons
  • I’ve joined up with some new companies for this year bringing you MORE hackathons. I won’t reveal details yet
  • I’m pretty active on social media, so make sure you follow my Twitter (just to the side here) for tonnes of updates and lots of live Tweeting
  • If you haven’t bought a ticket for PauseFest yet, GET ONE NOW! It was awesome fun last year and I’ll be there both MC’ing and exhibiting. It’s on in less than two weeks
  • I’m still based in Carlton (Melbourne), but hopefully will make a few trips around, both Australia and (fingers crossed) internationally.

Will drop it there but looking forward to working with all you awesome people and running some super awesome hackathons this year!

Oh, and if you have any comments, suggestions, or just want to rant, please feel free to post below.

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