Are We Always Learning?

If you ask anyone this question, they will probably say yes. But how many people really internalise it?

I was recently at a course, run by the amazing General Assembly. I walked into the room and I knew the teacher. She said, “Michelle, what are you doing here? You don’t need to learn anything”. It was intended as a compliment, and I most certainly took the compliment, but also promptly replied with “everyone is always learning, and we never stop learning”.

Learning is a life-long process. It’s not something that you stop doing once you finish uni, or tafe, or some other type of formalised training. It’s what we do every single day. If we ever stop learning, or think that we’re smart enough to know everything (or at least know enough), surely others will pass us. The only way to keep up with our rapidly growing and changing world is to learn, and keep on doing it.


If you think you don’t need to learn, then sit back and watch the world change around you. There are changes happening all the time, from the weather, to regulations, rules, laws, social media, behaviours, and the way people think and feel about certain things. If we’re not willing to learn, we’re not willing to know and grow with the changes in the world. That’s a rather dangerous thought if you’re a business person or someone who works in the corporate world. If you’re not willing to learn, then you’re not willing to know if, or how, you need to change yourself or your business to keep up with our changing society.


There’s an old phrase that says you learn something new every day, and how true it is. Often the things we learn however, are useless pieces of information. We need to learn how to filter out all the noise going on around us and learn about the things that are worth learning – learning to do, that is a learning it itself! So many learnings! So how do we do this? How do we learn something worthwhile everyday? Well there’s lots of things you can do. There’s all the usual resources that people talk about – reading news, reading good articles, listening to podcasts, attending events, doing a course, and reading books. But there’s also some things that people don’t really think about…

Listening is one of the biggest and easiest ways to learn. Listen to those around you. You don’t need to spend tonnes of money or time to learn. Simply just listen to what others are saying. Listen to your boss, your employees, your customers, your clients, your friends, your family. Each of these people will tell you different things. Not only can you learn new skills and information from them, but you can also learn about yourself and what you’re doing, whether you’re on the right track to achieve your goals. Listening to people around you will make you a better boss, a better worker, a better employee, a better business person, a better friend, a better family member, and ultimately… a better person.

So I encourage everyone to learn, to be better, to understand. You can never know everything, and therefore there’s always room to learn. It was Albert Einstein that said “the more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know”. So never think you know everything. Never think that you don’t need to know more, and never become complacent with the knowledge you have. Seek to learn, seek to understand.


What are the ways you learn everyday? Let me know in the comments, and if you want more stuff like this, post it below.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I grabbed all the fancy as quote pics from Quote Fancy – can highly recommend!

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