Another New Chapter

If my last article was any indication of the amount of things I do, one would probably say something like slow down… but what would be the fun in that?

So I’m always on panels about startups, entrepreneurs, and the future of jobs. One thing I’ve learnt (I’ve learnt lots of things but one in particular) is that you simply need to do what you’re good at, and become so good at it that people want to pay you to do it. It’s the old “follow your passions”, “build your dreams”, and “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”… all that kind of stuff that we keep hearing about.

Those who’ve met me know I’m a person of passion. I love what I do and I enjoy helping others out. Whilst I absolutely love my current jobs, I feel I wasn’t doing enough to help enough people. Not only that, but I wasn’t doing it in a way that’s sustainable. If something isn’t sustainable, ie. you’re doing too much, working too hard, detrimenting your health, or not making enough money to live, then you become a hindrance instead of a help. You get to a point where you can’t help anyone anymore, because you become the one who needs the help.

Not that I was neck deep in anything, but the amount of talk going around about mental health and founder wellbeing made me very conscious of this fact. Instead of waiting for things to happen I decided to take matters into my own hands. I thought the best way I can help everyone is to consolidate everything into one, start my own company (hooray another startup) and deliver results that way.

Therefore, I present to you Variant X! Designed to help you startup or scale up. I’ve already helped lots of people, and now I can help more, but in a more tailored and specific way. Under Variant X, I’ll be running hackathons, events, MC’ing, doing business and strategy consulting, building social media plans, and creating content. My new business sits underneath a parent company called CarbonSix. They are designed to help people succeed, and along with my services, offer a range of other specialities including grants & funding applications/advice, mentoring, web design, management, and anything you need to build your business further. We’ll help you no matter what stage you’re at; whether you’ve just got an idea, you’re into your scaling phase, or you’re a well established corporate with decades of experience, we tailor our services to help you succeed.


Sound good? I feel it’s definitely something that is needed, especially to help Australia flourish into the thriving ecosystem we know it can be and to be a player alongside other major innovation sectors of the world. Within the CarbonSix group, we have each played a part in assisting a number of startups and corporates, and we aim to continue to do so in such a way that more people can benefit from us. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m super passionate about driving the startup and innovation community of Victoria and Australia more broadly and I feel (at this point in time) that this is the best way I can play my part. Variant X and CarbonSix are just two more pieces in a much larger puzzle that makes up an image of our vibrant community here.


I’d love to hear your comments, feedback, and suggestions below, and if anyone wants to get in touch to chat further about anything I’ve said here, please contact me on my new email address: Oh and in case you’re wondering, all my current contracts are now rolled under Variant X. Yes, that means I’m still riding awesome electric skateboards with BajaBoard and playing VR racing simulators with Motum Simulation.

Will catch you all at the next exciting event! Until then, keep being amazing everyone. Oh and I have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn setup if anyone wants to follow along for updates and exciting content.

And I’ve even given my LinkedIn a makeover, so check it out and drop me a line if you’re interested in any of my work 😉

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