I got the need for speed

And it was fulfilled with Nissan’s ride day after the Sandown 500

After winning a ride day back in September last year, I had waited, and was super pumped to take on the track in the might of a Supercar. I got there nice and early to watch some of the other drivers take people around the track. Red Bull, Bottle-O, Erebus, Preston, and Nissan all had their teams out for a great corporate day. The track was dry, and the people were excited.

Before jumping in the cars, we had to don our suits and sign our lives away. I found out the jump suit racing kit thingies are fire proof. I was hoping we didn’t need the use of that! Helmet on, gloves on, suited up – I was ready. The drivers were simply running through people and Nissan did over 250 for the day in their four cars. It came to my turn and I got to ride with Rick Kelly. “Well this has been a long time coming hasn’t it?” “Yep, Rick, it sure has!” “Alrighty… let’s go then”, brakes off and we were away!

Suited up and kitted out

It was an awesome, incredible. The power you feel from the car is just mind blowing. The best thing is the turning. You hammer so fast into one, slow right down, and just speed out of it. Now I know that sounds simple and I watch a lot of racing so I was well aware of what they do on track. But being in the car, and feeling it is just next level! We only did the outlap, and one turn around before coming back into the pits, but man was it insane!

So exciting!!! I wanna go again

I’ve definitely caught the racing bug and I want to get back in and go. I wonder if there are any teams hiring drivers right now =P but seriously, this was so much fun. I am totally up for another ride and I hope I get another experience like this soon. Thanks again to Rick, and the whole team at Nissan for an incredible day.

Check out a short video I made of my experience here. Definitely not as good as Rick Kelly’s GoPro footage and on-board cameras but it gives you a taste of my reaction.

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