2017, as it were

As this year comes to a close, I thought it’d be a great idea to look back on the time that was twenty seventeen

2017 has been one of a kind. Filled with twists, turns, lots of unexpected encounters, and plenty of difficulties. But in amongst all these things, 2017 is a year to remember.

Every year has it’s ups and downs, and it’s only when we focus on the ups can we move forward and grown into the people we’re meant to be. So let’s focus on all the good, fun times!

Focus on the fun. Us girls at the SheHacks Hackathon in July

Everyone knows I enjoy speaking and this year was no different. A multitude of MC and speaking gigs saw me heavily centred around the areas of technology, startups, entrepreneurship, the future of work, and esports. Let’s tackle some of them one at a time.

Conferences are always big in Melbourne and this year was no different. From Pause to Pivot, Melbourne Knowledge Week to Melbourne Science week, expos and conferences are high on the list. I was lucky enough to attend some fantastic ones this year and speak and others. I had the pleasure of MC’ing Pause, Technology & Gadget Expo, Playgrounds Con, Startup Victoria pitch nights, and the big PAX esports expo. I learned a lot during these events and met some insanely awesome people.

MC’ing and judging at the Technology and Gadget Expo in August

Speaking of esports, for those who don’t know what esports is… it’s competitive video gaming – yes it’s a thing. This year I MC’ed for the biggest esports/video game conference in Australia (PAX) and ran Melbourne’s first esports event at Etihad Stadium for Motum Simulation. Working in this insanely growing area is so much fun and it’s fantastic to see Australia grow in this global industry. I anticipate esports growing even bigger next year. Following from PAX, I even reignited my Twitch stream, so jump online and check it out sometime.

I finished my work with BajaBoard in November, but not before we had some big wins. Alongside taking trips to the Great Ocean Road for filming and demoing for four days at the Australia Grand Prix, we won two big awards. The first was the international DRIVENxDESIGN award for industry design and innovation. The Second was the National iAwards for Consumer markets. It was such a privileged to be part of these events and I wish BajaBoard all the best in the future. You’ll still see me riding around a board on the Melbourne eskate rides!

James and I at the iAwards – National Winners!!!
Last esk8 ride for the year with the GitHub board, in a Santa costume!

Trips seemed to be a theme this year for me. With Motum Simulation, I was lucky enough to travel to many of the Supercars events. Gold Coast, Philip Island, Sandown, and Melbourne were all on the list. These were all amazing motorsports competitions that gave me much more insight into another growing area. I felt very prilvedged to even travel all across the Eastern seaboard for work this year. Travelling gives one so much more perspective and I hope some international trips are on the horizon for 2018.

Hackathons. It wouldn’t be a year with Mish without a hackathon. This year I hit my 50th hackathon. It still amazes me what people can come up with in such a short time and we still see lots of corporates running these internally. I believe hackathons will continue to be a driving force as we move into the future of work.

Hackathons, BajaBoards, and a innovation precinct, what more could you want (SuperHack in December)

This year was a big year for learning. Throughout all the expos, events, hackathons, conferences, and meetups, I continue to learn. Everyone I met has a story to tell and something new to share. Knowledge is all around us and we only need to be bold enough and humble enough to ask and listen. Learning is a lifelong venture that will surely continue next year and beyond.

Well that’s it for 2018. Amongst all the Christmas parties, end of year gatherings, and 2017 celebrations, I have found time to rest and relax. Make sure you do, because burn out is a real thing! See you all in 2018 and I hope to continue the awesome work with all again next year.

Thank you to everyone who made 2017 amazing. I’m going to try and list you all but please don’t yell at me if I miss you – James Murphy, Cherie Dawn, the entire Phoria team, Anna Reeves & That Startup Show, George Hedon & the Pause team, Joe Barber, Cameron Biggelaar, Jacyl Shaw, the BajaBoard team, Steve Hoinville and Motum Simulation, Casey Thomas, the whole Predator team (PAX Australia), “Yug”, Georgia Beattie & Startup Victoria, Kate Cornick & Launch Vic, Garry Williams, Emma Foster, Monica Wuff, Ben Smillie, Sam Hunt & the GitHub team, David Mast, Leon Gouletsas, the IBM cloud team, Sarah + Katie & the whole MAP team, Becc Hyland, Kelly Windle, Kip, Fiona + Nigel, Sarah Moran & the whole Girl Geek team, Chris Smith, Warren Jordan, Jay Boston, Chris McGarth, Myles Tehan, Bonnie Shaw + Michelle Fitzgerald & the whole City of Melbourne team, Johnny Smoes, Richard Elving, Matt Knight, Lauren + Rick and the whole Nissan Team, Ben Foster and the Red Bull Racing team, Ran & Ben + the ZQ Racing team, Zac Jacobs, Elyse Dawson & the Australian Grand Prix, Mary Bahrami, Pat Stanton & the Microsoft team, Paul Holyoake, Bruce Minahan, Paul Nicholas, and probably so many others. Please all accept my sincerest thanks and I hope to see you all in 2018.

MAP teams at Pivot in December (photo credit: Phoria)

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