Did you know you can now study esports at uni?

Esports Central – Episode 4

Esports is growing, but I don’t need to tell you that, you already know! And now you can study it at university.

Imagine this as your classroom – this IS an actual classroom where students are studying esports (Photo credit: The Star)

Yep you heard me. All those times you’re parents said “stop playing video games and do your homework” are now laughing matters, because you can play games as homework! In our latest Esports Central episode*, we talked about some of the education systems around the world implementing gaming in their learning.

There’s the one the UK that we spoke about on the episode. Kale talked about the subjects on offer for the degree and you can check them all out here. Or, if you’re super interested, see the promo video for the course on YouTube. But that isn’t the only university doing esports in some way. The Asia Pacific University of Technology has a League of Legends Skills Certificate you can complete.

This is a certificate that isn’t about theory, it teaches you “essential skills required in competitive gaming”, improving your knowledge of the game, and obviously playing a lot of League. They even have different levels you can do, beginner for Gold V and below, or the Advanced if you’re above Platinum V. Pretty sure you have to beat someone in order to “pass”. Who knows, this may be a good pathway to an esports playing career. Oh and if LoL isn’t your thing, you can do one in FIFA too!

Then we have a university in China with an esports degree. Unfortunately I don’t read  (or even speak) Chinese so I have no idea what they are talking about. If you can interpret the page (Google translator failed on me here), let me know!

Big universities are involved in esports too, with Melbourne University doing research around it, and Monash University recognising an esports player as an athlete. Then there’s all the usual gaming clubs too.

Another thing we bought up is Flaktest, which is a good way to bring esports into schools. I think it’s a fun and engaging way to make sure kids of all ages are able to interact with their peers. Just like some children respond better to images than words, some kids take to video gaming better than physical sports. I think it’s just another piece of the puzzle in making education more accessible.

Something just announced after our show (who knows, maybe it’s coincidence… or not?) is the Legacy High School League. This is an Australian wide tournament run with the Adelaide Crows to give school kids exposure to the esports world. Riot is involved too and the competition kicks off in May. Read all about it here. I love seeing initiatives like this that sit outside the square and can’t wait to see what comes of this awesome collaboration.

Closer to my home – as in, I’m part of this – is the Business in Games courses. Many people like Chris Smith, are doing a lot to encourage people to follow their dreams and realise they don’t have to conform to the generic working life. They can do what they’re passionate about and still make a living. I’ve been involved in their Women in Games mentoring program and it’s been amazing to see incredible ladies willing to listen, learn, and then execute their ideas.  I highly recommend getting involved in BiG if the business side of esports interests you.

So, everywhere we’re seeing esports or video gaming slipping into some sort of education. From the school grounds, to the online world, and even into universities. It’s an exciting time and if you’re wanting to get involved, check out some of the links I posted above.

Make sure you keep tuning into our Esports Central show and hope you’re enjoying it.


* Remember, this is only one segment of the episode

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