Australian Esports Racing Series Set to Launch

Exciting new partnership as the motorsport world looks to esports

It’s time to take simulation racing out of the home and into the arena. Motum Simulation and Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) have announced a partnership which will see the world of motorsport and simulation racing combined.

Yeah I totally had to try out the simulator… SO MUCH FUN!!!

This is an exciting partnership for both companies, and whilst some of their alignment will be situated around driving training, I think the most awesome part is the role CAMS will play in the Virtual Sim Racing series. It will probably look something like what we ran at Etihad last year, and with the official endorsement of the big motorsport governing body, I think we’ll see some amazing things from both parties this year.

The guys from CAMS are pretty excited about the whole prospect, saying that esports is happening in every industry and they are keen to tap into opportunities.

The Crowd looks on in a packed Etihad Stadium as the finals of the VSR Showdown come to a close.jpg
The Legends Bar at Etihad was packed for the finals in December last year

The partnership seems to be very favourable to the sim racing community too, with sim racer Simon Feigl from Evolution Racing Team saying that the partnership will bring real credibility:

Sim Racers are always looking for credibility that what we do aligns with real world racing. Having CAMS associated with Motum Simulation only helps to show that esports isn’t just a game. It’s virtual motorsport.

I think it’s going to be awesome for both the esport and motorsport industries. Whilst we’ve seen things like the Formula E in Vegas, or the Forza Harvey Norman series, there’s no big thing that’s seen simulation racing make their mark on the esports world… this is definitely a great step in the right direction!

The series is set up to run the Gran Turismo game on the Motum Simulation platform.

Looking forward to sharing more info with everyone as it comes out.


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