Where can you find a full scale X-Wing, decks of UNO cards, and people dressed up in one place? Oz Comic Con!

Anime, Marvel characters, scale models of Star Wars characters, cosplay, and tonnes more were huge hits at this weekend’s Oz Comic Con

Think of it like “book fair”, but for all ages, on a bigger scale. Remember book fair right? You came to school dressed up as your favourite book or movie character. Your Mum probably put tonnes of time into sewing together a last minute costume. Then you got to school and it was a whole day of fun – reading, movies, playing games and more.

Well, Oz Comic Con is like that. Except it’s not just for kids. This place is legit the ultimate playground for kids and adults alike. Half the attendees, of all ages – from 3 year old kids, right up to elderly people – are dressed up. Cosplay is a huge part of the convention, and people have gone to all lengths to make their costumes as close to the ‘real’ thing as possible. There’s even Spotlight and Brother in attendance, where you can go and learn some techniques for yourself or have your costume patched up.


Aren’t these cosplayers just adorable! (Photo: MishManners)

Weapons are aplenty, with many places selling cosplay props, and lots of exhibitors have made their own things from crowns to head-dresses. There’s the cosplay competition and everyone stops to take photos with their favourite characters.

Even with cosplaying isn’t your thing, then there’s a multitude of other activities on offer:

Video games

It wouldn’t be a pop culture convention without some games to play right? Couch Warriors, who ran BAM10, where back running a Street Fighter V competition. Unlike BAM10, these comps are for everyone of all ages and skills levels, not just the pros. There were stall-holders running Mario Kart competitions and Dimensions Vs. made an appearance too. There’s also Just Dance if you feel like challenging your friends (or randoms) to a fun workout.

Card games

Everyone loves a good card game! Elder Scrolls online was the big hit at the convention, but not the only one. Many family classics including uno were a feature for anyone to come by and challenge their friends to a game.

Movie Sets

Alright, let’s be honest, this was one of the coolest things around. The full scale X-Wing fighter plane was back! Making its reappearance from Southern Cross Station, the X-Wing was there for all to try. Jump in the plane and get a pro shot done, or get in the Star Wars groove with a full-size replica Chewy and R2DR.

If you’re not a Star Wars fan (really who isn’t), then there’s the Marvel universe too. Pull out Thor’s Hammer, get your picture taken with the Prince of Wakanda, or hang around to grab your snap with Captain America. There’s a range of other Disney franchises on offer too. Get in the groove for the new Incredibles movie by taking your photo with Incredibles family.

Who can pull out the Hammer? (Photo: MishManners)

Get Creative

Artists from all walks of life presented their drawings, paintings, sketches, jewellery making, enamel pins, and more. Commission an artist on the spot or buy their work. If you want to get creative yourself, there were plenty of opportunities to draw on the wall like a kid, colour in a comic strip, or sketch your own characters. If you want to make things, then Spotlight is on hand to offer free sewing lessons, or see the Mad Hatter to make your own super hero mask, neat!


A personal favourite of mine was the anime section. I love the fact anime is becoming more mainstream. Not only were there a good number of anime cosplays, but there was an anime lounge! Show runs of Boruto, Sword Art Online, Mobile Suit Gundam, Blue Exorcist, and tonnes more were screened for everyone to come and chill out. And best of all, a lot of it was shown in Japanese – so authentic, it’s awesome!!!

Meet your celebrities

If you don’t come for the anime, the costumes, or even the toys, then you’re probably coming to Oz Comic Con to meet celebrities. Signing sessions are available to take a photo with your favourite celebs, then get them autographed. There’s a range of different celebrity panels to attend as well. Celebrities from TV shows like Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, and many more are present, including movie heroes from DeadPool. It was awesome to sit down and listen to these actors and actresses talk about their experiences on set, and even share a few hints at upcoming seasons.

David Ramsey from Arrow talking about the show. Check out my Twitter for some quotes from his talk and others (Photo: MishManners) 


The biggest part of Oz Comic Con is the mall, or expo hall; okay it’s pretty much the whole thing, so let’s focus on all the stuff you can spend money on. As I walked around the venue I realised I could probably spend my whole life’s earnings in this one place. There is so many amazing things to purchase and get your hands on. Everything from plush toys to LED balloons, cosplay weapons, costumes, dresses, statues, games, cards, and so much merchandise.

So many things to buy… like these cute League of Legends Chibis (Photo: MishManners)

The End

It was awesome to head down to this convention and get a feel for something outside of PAX. It was my first Comic Con and I can definitely say I’ll be coming back next time. Check out my video for highlights and more if you haven’t already seen it.

What did you like? What did you enjoy?

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