Teamwork makes the Dreamwork, so where’s your team?

I’m teaming up with Australian Red Cross for their #BeatLoneliness Campaign

Everyone gets lonely at times, no matter who you are. Whether you’re running our own business, participating in a solo sport, are the only ‘expert’ in your field, or even if you’re constantly surrounded by people, you may feel lonely because you feel those people don’t “get” you.

What’s important to realise, is we’re not alone. If you’re running your own business and you’re the only employee, you probably still have a team around you; your accountant, your lawyer, your adviser, your mentor. That’s your professional team. Alongside this you most likely have your personal support network; friends, family, even pets. This is your team. You’re team is there to support you, and you them.

FINAL Loneliness_Info card (1)-1
#BeatLoneliness campaign aims to raise awareness and build strong connections (Image credit: Australian Red Cross)

Even professional athletes who play a solo sport like tennis have a whole team around them. Their professional team – manager, physios, doctors, agents, as well as their personal team. Find your team. Your team can be your community, your support network might be somewhere else too. If you’re in business, your support team might be your local footy club. If you’re playing squash, your support team might be your weekly trivia team. Whatever it is, find your team. I have.

Whilst I play a multitude of sports, and run my own business, I have teams of people around me. I have my professional team, and my personal team. I’ve also built up a fun community around me. I don’t sponge off this community. No, that’s not what a team does. A team works together, supports one another, builds each other up. I’ve built this team on a platform that, if you had have mentioned it about 7 years ago, people would have thought us crazy.

Just because I play video games, doesn’t mean I don’t have a team. Big thanks to (left-right), James, Pat, and Ryan, who are constantly supporting me, and huge shout to all my followers (Photo: MishManners)

Some of us know each other in real life, others we only know in the digital space, and by their alias names. This crazy team of fun people offers each other advice, builds us up when we’re having a bad day, and provides a place where we can come and hang out. It’s on Twitch.

For all my gamer friends and people in esports, you already know what this is. For everyone else, it’s a more social version of YouTube, targeted towards playing video games. Most nights I’m there, playing games and hanging out with my online mates. Yes, it’s fun. Yes, I often get asked business questions, yes we all support each other, yes we’re all awesome.

I wanted to extend this awesome-ness further and teaming up with Red Cross seemed like a no-brainer. For this entire week, I’m playing games, welcoming people, and helping to raise awareness around loneliness. It affects us all at different times in our lives, and there’s probably someone near you who could do with a hug every now and then.

So head on over to my Twitch channel this week and help us #BeatLoneliness. There’s prizes and giveaways too, plus I’m playing a different game each day so you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

If you want to get more involved in the campaign, or see what other ‘teams’ are involved, check out the campaign website here. Looking forward to seeing you helping spread the word.

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