D.Va with a different side

Blizzard has released the new Overwatch Animated Short – “Shooting Star”

D.Va’s backstory has finally been shown to the world! The popular hero and former pro-gamer preps for an unexpected battle.

Before you read on, SPOILER ALERT! So if you don’t want this precious D.Va story ruined, watch the video before reading on.

A different side of D.Va

The short goes for just over 7 minutes. The perfect time to watch in your lunch break. It follows D.Va away from the battlefield and the cameras as she preps her mech for the next big fight. Away from the glory of the fight, we see D.Va for who she really is. No longer a pro-gamer, D.Va spends her time as the leader of the MEKA. The MEKA is a squad of mecha pilots who defend the city of Busan from the Omnic threat.

We see a different side of D.Va, or Hana as we find out her real name. Whilst all her friends are out having fun, she’s at home tinkering with her machines. She claims this is much more fun. That “glitzy glamour” is “overrated” and where she is, is where the “magic happens”.

Whilst there’s this ‘tough girl’ side, we get a glimpse of D.Va going through the emotions. She worries about the enemy getting stronger, and how everyone is “counting on [her], and if [she] makes a mistake … [they] lose everything”. Unfortunately as battles go, one is not always prepared. Whilst D.Va, is fixing her mech, the enemy attacks the city. During the sequence, we get plenty of her taglines from the game, and we see her ultimate in action.

The colourful graphics and fun commentary fits snuggling into the Overwatch franchise. It’s a heartwarming story with plenty of action and even a touch of romance.

More for Overwatch

The video was debuted at Overwatch’s Korea Fan Festival. Alongside this video of D.Va was the announcement of the new Busan map. We see some of the map in the animated short. According to Jeff Kaplan, the director of the Overwatch, both the game’s design team and the cinematic team worked closely together. We can therefore guess some of the scenes shown in the D.Va short will most likely feature in the new map. The map is already available to play on PC.

Alongside these announcements, a Tweet from Overwatch revealed another exciting installment. It seems Overwatch and LEGO will be getting some sort of cross-over. We’re not really sure what this partnership entails, but one thing is clear… I can’t wait!

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