Final Fantasy XIV – My first MMO experience

This week, I’ve had the opportunity to play Final Fantasy XIV online. Little did I realise, this was my first MMO

I’m a gamer. Yes I am. I’ve played lots of strategy games, RPGs, and a few shooters. Mario Kart and Smash Bros have featured heavily and I was able to get into online games when I moved to Melbourne with half decent internet. I’ve watched a lot of Sword Art Online, Log Horizon and others. Final Fantasy VII, X, XIII, and XV have been part of my collection for a while now.

But only when I had the incredible opportunity to play FFXIV with Noiz and Twitch Kittens was I able to really experience an MMO. Many of the features like character creation I’ve dealt with in games like Skyrim. I always fantasied about creating a character in one of these games and playing with my friends. Hanging out in an online space, just like they do in Sword Art Online.

When I hit the mall in FFXIV did I understand what an MMO really was. People everywhere! All different levels, all playing the same game I was… at the same time! Some where in theatre modes, and others were running around with their familiars. It was incredible to physically see the sheer number of people playing in a virtual space. Now just imagine what this would be like with the type of immersive VR they have in Sword Art Online.

I discovered emotes pretty quickly, and this is definitely one of the most fun things of MMOs. I went through every single emote, and discovered my favourites. It’s just like communicating with people via social media. I think I totally scared someone away though; oops.

It was great streaming this game for the first time. Loads of fans, friends, and other players jumped into my Twitch chat to give me tips, advice, and even party up on missions.

I’m looking forward to continuing my MMO journey. If you’d like to join in the fun too, you can download the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV. If you already have the game, and want to go in the draw to win some Amazon gift vouchers, check out gleam.

I’d love to see some of you online again soon. Looking forward to seeing you all on my Twitch channel.

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