Sphero Programmable Robots – the perfect Christmas gifts

There’s only one week until Christmas! The time really has flown by this past year. If you’re like lots of people, you’re heading into last minute gift buying and running around hectic preparing for the perfect Christmas lunch. Often presents – especially for kids – are hard to buy. What to get them that’s not crazy expensive? Or super addictive? Something they already don’t have, or a toy that’s fun, but also educational. Well, Sphero has you covered with a range of awesome products!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some epic Sphero toys. Here’s the low down on these fantastic robots.

Music to my fingers

Last year, Sphero announced their acquisition of the Colorado based Specdrums. Specdrums is a music tech startup and they have some sweet product to add to the Sphero family. Moving slightly away from the traditional ball shapes, the Specdrums are a neat piece of tech that allows you to program sound and music based on colour. The Specdrums – shaped like little rings – are worn on your fingers. It’s pretty amazing to see colour change into sound right in front of you.

These are the perfect gift for any music savvy kid – especially the type who likes to DJ, jam out, or mix music. These cool rings start from $109.00 AUD from JB Hi-Fi.

Whilst music is great, if you’re looking for the classic Sphero ball, you might want to take a look at one of their new and improved models.

Sphero’s robot balls now in mini sizes

You might have seen the Sphero mini’s floating around. But did you know they are now fully programmable and come with added bonuses?

Not only can you get the mini Sphero ball in the standard fun colours – white, pink, green, blue, and orange – it now comes in a funky soccer ball style. The mini soccer ball was born from the mini; which ended up being one of Sphero’s best selling robots. Kids will have loads of fun driving, playing, and testing their skills.

By using Sphero Education, they can connect the ball to Sphero’s range of educational programming tools and learn to code. And that’s not all. Along with the release of the Sphero mini soccer ball comes the activity kit. This neat add on gives your kids all the equipment they need to build their own obstacle courses. So instead of buying a tool that might get thrown away or give kids another excuse to be in front of the screen, grab a mini soccer ball and activity kit to encourage them to build and create.

Mini soccer ball and activity kit are the perfect match! Image: supplied.

These awesome balls of fun only cost $89.00 AUD. At least that’s what JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks are selling them for. Which is perfect if you’re trying to find that last minute Christmas gift. Most stores have them in stock. Otherwise you can always check out the official Sphero website if you live in the US.

Up your kids programming skills – or even your own

Are your kids a little older? Or are you jealous all the cool toys are made for the kids? Near fear! Sphero has you covered. The new Sphero RVR is the go-anywhere, do-anything kind of robot. It’s an all terrain robot. It has high torque – okay there’s lots of power in it. And you can program it to do just about anything! It’s revolutionary and it’s drivable right out of the box.

There’s heaps of sensors on this thing and so much opportunity for customisation. Your imagination is your limit. So what’s the catch with these things? Well, since they are so new and customisable, there’s not a whole of ‘stuff’ available online yet. Sphero probably released it into the wild to check out what users would build if given the tools and minimal limitations. So realistically it’s up to you what you want to create.

Regardless, the Sphero RVR is the next generation in Sphero’s line of programmable robots. It’ll be exciting seeing what people build with these. If you’re a Melbourne or Sydney resident, keep your eyes open. Word on the street is Sphero might be holding a hackathon just for these robots! Follow me to stay up to date on any announcements.

Sphero RVR
The sky’s the limit with this programmable robot. What will you build? Image: supplied

But who wants to wait? If you can’t hold out, then these will be the ideal Christmas present for your kids; or really just you… so you can play with your kids, and get some quality bonding time! The RVR will set you back $399.00 AUD from JB Hi-Fi. So this isn’t a decision you want to take lightly. Think about the impact products like these can have on the creativity and imagination of kids – and yourself! They are super invaluable and provide hours of fun and learning.

Christmas in the bag

Well that’s it on the Sphero front. I’m sure there’s plenty more things you’re thinking about buying. If you want to see some more sweet tech reviews, check out my posts on Daily Esports. I’d also love you to tell me what you’re keen to get this Christmas. What tech do you want Santa to bring you?

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