Fortnite Summer Smash Results – amateur player beats the pros

Last weekend, the Fortnite Summer Smash took place alongside the Australian Open. Celebrities, gamers, streamers, and pros from all around the world descended on Melbourne. Many household names came to compete. But of the 90 gamers from 11 countries, it was not a pro player who came out on top. Leevi ‘Breso’ Breslin from Brisbane, Australia took down everyone to be crowned the AO Summer Smash Solo’s Champion.

Amateur gamers beat the pros in Summer Smash

Hailing from Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Bresco qualified to play in the tournament. He defeated many pro gamers and streamers including LachlanLazarbeamLoserfruitMuselkMrFreshAsian, and plenty others. Bresco takes home $100,000 AU for first place. Another $300,000 AU was divided among the rest of the pool.

Bresco said after winning the match he didn’t come to win. He had simply come completely to compete and have a good time:

It’s really exciting. I didn’t think I was going to win, my aim was to not come late so this is great. This tournament has been crazy.

The second and third place winners took home respectable prizes too. Sebastian ‘Looter is FA’ Ollie from Australia earned $40,000 AU for second place. Reza ‘Symetrical’ Ebrahimi from America took home $25,000 AU for third place.

Front row seats to all the action! Image: Supplied.

Solo’s leader board and success all around

After the tournament, many players commented on the excitement from the event and said they’ll be back next year. Mark Riedy, the Event Organiser, said in the press release he was happy with the second Fortnite Summer Smash event:

We are so pleased that Summer Smash proved to be an even bigger success the second time around. Fans and competitors seemed to really enjoy the event as a whole and we look forward to hopefully developing and improving the tournament even further next year.

As this tournament grows, the prize pool is sure to grow with it. Check out how the $400,000 AU prize pool was divided:

1st place: $100,000
2nd place: $40,000
3rd place: $25,000
4th place: $18,000
5th place: $11,000
6th place: $10,000
7th place: $8,000
8th place: $6,000
9th place: $5,000
10th-24th place: $3,000
25th-90th place: $2,000

Take a look at the lucky winners who took home the top 20 places:

Trios Charity Pro Am

The Solo’s Championship is a true display of skill. But many people come to watch their favorite celebrities and streamers battle it out. It’s the Charity Pro Am! Teams of three gathered to compete for a $100,000 prize pool. Unlike the Solo’s, the winners of the Pro Am don’t take home their winnings. They instead donate the money to a charity of their choice. In 2019, many charities benefited from the Fortnite Summer Smash event. What’s unique about the Pro Am format is many competitors don’t regularly play Fortnite. In fact, some of them have never played a game before.

This year, Lachlan, Harley ‘MrFreshAsian’ Campbell, and Enschway teamed up for the win! They collectively earned $30,000 AU for charities of their choice.

Pro-Am Champions (Image: Supplied)

UK’s benjyfishy, Supercars driver Richie Stanaway, and Aliythia took out second place, earning $21,000 AU. Third place winners won $15,000 for their charities with Triplezero, Whatscope, and Zayt teaming up. See if you can spot your favourite streamer or celebrity on the leaderboard.

Everyone involved had great fun. Many fans are hoping this event continues and so do the players. Lachlan said in a press release he’s hoping the Summer Smash continues:

I hope we can do it every year with the AO. I love seeing the combination of traditional sports and esports. It’s definitely the future, and hopefully it just gets better and better every year.

Here’s hoping the Fortnite Summer Smash returns for 2021! If you missed the action, you can rewatch the action on the official Australian Open YouTube channel. It’s awesome to see so many cool esports events continue to take place in Melbourne.

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