HyperX launches campaign for International Women’s Day with Empress Gaming

Gaming accessory manufacturer HyperX has launched a campaign focused on women in gaming. This coincides with International Women’s Day, and HyperX’s moto of “We’re All Gamers” is designed to showcase and support equality in the gaming community. The brand has also entered a partnership with Empress Gaming, an Australia/New Zealand female-focused gaming organisation. I got in touch with some of the women in the campaign to hear their thoughts on women in gaming.

We’re All Gamers

The “we” in “We’re All Gamers” refers to everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity, or beliefs. This new campaign launched by HyperX is designed to showcase some of the challenges faced by women in the gaming community, whether a casual gamer, streamer, or pro player.https://www.linkedin.com/embeds/publishingEmbed.html?articleId=9210950988411226893

The video called on some of the top female content creators from Empress Gaming. These women were asked to answer the question “what are the challenges you’ve encountered being a female gamer/streamer.” They were also asked what strengths women have to showcase, and what advice they have for other young women.

Empress Gaming ladies provide their thoughts

I reached out to some of the ladies involved in the video. I wanted to understand how important it is to bring this message to the world. The best way to do that, is to speak to those involved in the campaign.

Dhayana “MissDeusGeek” Sena told us it’s important to show there are women who play games too. “For gaming to truly be diverse and inclusive, championing and promoting women in gaming is a great first step to showcasing that women play games too.”

MissDeusGeek also adds that being part of the campaign highlights to the public that gaming is an activity for everyone:

Promoting women who play games allows the general public to see that women gamers do exist and there is in fact, representation in the games industry. Being part of the HyperX campaign for International Women’s Day was something I was proud to do… It allowed me and the other women featured in this campaign to highlight the challenges that women often face for simply doing something they love. I hope that by viewing the HyperX We’re All Gamers video, gamers will take note that gaming should be an activity that’s open to everyone, because at the end of the day, we are ALL gamers.


The challenges women face

One of the goals of the HyperX campaign is to highlight the challenges women face in the gaming industry. Nicole “ThePeach” Constantine, the founder of Empress Gaming, told me the video helped shine a light on these challenges:

It’s incredibly important for everyone to be able to use their voice and too often in gaming, we hear women be either silenced or talked over. The HyperX piece with some of our amazing Empress women, really shines a light on realistically, the everyday obstacles that women can experience in gaming and allows each of them to tell their story. If at least one people walked away feeling empowered by these women, or at the very least not alone – then that’s all we could ever ask for.

Empress Gaming and HyperX partnership

Moving forward, HyperX has announced an official partnership with Empress Gaming, set to last at least a year. The partnership kicked off with the video above, and the team will also get the chance to test HyperX gear.https://www.linkedin.com/embeds/publishingEmbed.html?articleId=8614402130713010237

Furthermore, HyperX has become the official naming sponsor of the upcoming Empress League. This is an all-women’s Fortnite tournament with cash prizes on offer. HyperX believes the partnership will enable them to empower women in Australia to achieve their dreams.

NicoleThePeach told me that by working with HyperX, she hopes to “level the playing field”:

Working with brands is incredibly vital to the ecosystem and through our partnership with HyperX – not only do we have access to an incredible set of peripherals – but we have the much-needed support in order to continue growing, improving our resources and dedicating our time as a whole to the cause … We have a lot of admiration and respect for the HyperX team in believing in what we do and everything we want to do. Not only is it absolutely needed at a grassroots level, but for that to extend to women in gaming and ensuring we can level the playing field, is great!

Creating opportunities for women

NicoleThePeach is not alone in these thoughts. The HyperX team also spoke with us on what the partnership with Empress Gaming means. In short, HyperX hopes to create more opportunities for women through this campaign:

Through our collaboration with Empress Gaming, we’ll be supporting their efforts to highlight female creators in Australia and New Zealand and making sure they’re well equipped to create their best content. We’re also helping to create opportunities for female gamers to enjoy the competitive side of gaming through the Empress League as HyperX joins as the title sponsor. We’re excited to see the continued growth of female content creators in ANZ.

HyperX told us they believe in promoting women and creating opportunities for them in gaming:

It’s important as almost half of game enthusiasts are female nowadays! By sharing stories about experiences faced by female gamers on a daily basis, we hope to educate and engage the gaming community in conversations that challenge norms and create an inclusive, enjoyable community for everyone who loves gaming.

[Disclosure: Mish is a recent member of the Empress Gaming stream team and was not involved in the campaign.]

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