Who am I

Many people have told me to “start a blog”… “about all the free stuff you win”, “no what about getting a job?” “oooo, all the free things in Melbourne”. Yes these are all great ideas… but a friend recently encouraged me to write a blog on “the stuff you do at work”.

I’ve become involved in the startup world and running hackathons through my work at the Carlton Connect Initiative. “You have an immense wealth of knowledge that people want to hear about it… heck I’d read about it!!!” I took their advice and now I’m spending my extra hours writing about all the awesome things I’m involved in… hackathons, meetups, entrepreneurial gigs, events and the general startup culture seen in Melbourne.

Originally, I’m from Table Top (outside of Albury) a small country town on the border of NSW and Victoria (don’t hold it against me we are mostly involved in the Victorian culture!) I came to Melbourne in 2009 where I started an undergraduate degree in Science at the University of Melbourne. Living in college, playing sport and diving into the multiculturalism of Melbourne made my time here really enjoyable and I finished with a Chemistry major in 2012. Having no idea really what to do but knowing I didn’t want to end up in a lab, I went down the path of my breadth subjects and started a Master of Media and Communications (again at Melbourne Uni). Through this degree, I met a bunch of amazing people, worked with some sweet companies (North Melbourne FC, Microsoft and Melbourne Uni to name a few) and ended up being head hunted by Carlton Connect in early 2015. I moved back to Melbourne (after spending the summer in Albury and planning to be there for 12 months) took on the Events Coordinator role and currently finishing my final subject of my Masters.

I get to work with innovative companies and equally awesome people!!! Having the Melbourne Accelerator Program just upstairs ensures I’m literally living in the startup world. Aside from the huge number of events run at Carlton Connect, I also help run and attend a number of others outside the borders of Carlton. FinTech meetups, MedTech meetups, conferences, hackathons, expos, you name it… I’m there! So here I am, with all these amazing experiences to share with others.

Speaking of the Melbourne Accelerator Program, I couldn’t help but get involved in all the startup stuff. After meeting a bunch of awesome people at hackathons, I soon found myself running a startup in the tech space. Whilst I love the founder life, I believe my skills and passions lie within the community, driving this amazingly fast moving entrepreneurial culture of Melbourne.

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