When’s that Hackathon?

With so many in the pipelines, it’s hard to keep track of them all

Since there’s tonnes of events, hackathons, conferences, meetups and workshops happening, I thought I’d sift out the hackathons and put them in one easy to read post.

These are just the ones in Melbourne at this stage (there’s far too many to do all of Australia right now).

Hackathon in one word? (Image credit to API Evangelist)
Hackathon in one word? (Image credit to API Evangelist)

Global Hunger Hack, 26-28th February

Combining STEM and entrepreneurship, the Hunger Hack (not to be confused with the Hunger Games) is an opportunity to generate ideas and reshape them into real solutions.
Grand Prize – Enrolment to  BlueChilli’s online accelerator program
Location – Monash University, Clayton Campus

Science Hackfest, 4-6th March

Ever wanted to play with some of the biggest data sets? MedTech, FinTech, sports, you name it. If there’s a data set they don’t have bring your own. With a beautiful combination of pure Science mixed with modern computing, this is one not to be missed.
Grand Prize – $2K
Location – LAB-14, Carlton Connect (The University of Melbourne)
DetailsMelbourne Science Hackfest

CodeBrew, 18-20th March

Get together with a bunch of mates and create something awesome for the weekend. It’s right in the middle of the city and easy as to get to… no excuses now with all night weekend public transport.
Grand Prize – $2K + goodies
Location – York Butter Factory

Digital City Hack, 18-19th March

As part of the Future Melbourne 2026 series, come together with a bunch of innovative people and shape the city you love. Think about emerging technologies and how people play, learn and interact with each other.
Grand Prize – $6K + plenty of spot prizes!
Location – The Cube, ACMI
DetailsFuture Melbourne 2026

Telstra Hackathon, 15-17th April

A cloud based hackathon with main themes around FinTech, MedTech and wearables. Run by HackDays, this is sure to be an awesome event.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – Telstra’s Gurrowa Innovation Lab
DetailsThe Telstra Hackathon

Techfugees Hackathon, 15-17th April

Make a difference! Get together with devs, designers, refugees and entrepreneurs to help and welcome refugees to Australia.
Location – LaunchPad3
DetailsTechfugees Melbourne

Space Apps Challenge, 22nd-24th April

Want to solve some of the biggest challenges in the realm of Space? Then come along. There are six major themes and challenges will be posted soon.
Grand Prize – TBA on Sunday night!
Location – LAB-14
DetailsSpace Apps Challenge

Startup Weekend, 6-8th May

This years’ themes are action, innovaton and education with the overall scope of sustainability. Come together over a weekend, work on a crazy (or generally awesome) idea, and build it into a profitable business.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – York Butter Factory
DetailsStartup Weekend

UX Design Hackathon, 7th May

The theme for knowledge week this year is innovation, collaboration and creativity. What better way to show this than with a hackathon. Keep your eyes out for when this exciting hack with take place. Official dates for MKW are 2nd-8th May so the hackathon will be sometime here. The challenge you have is to redesign a online experience for the homeless community.
Grand Prize – Tickets to UX conference
Location – General Assembly
DetailsGeneral Assembly

Random Hacks of Kindness, 4-5th June

It’s a hack for humanity! Get stuck into the real issues surrounding communities and strive towards solid social impact. Feel like you’re really part of the team as RHoK happens all over Australia at the same time.
Location – AMDC Building, Swinburne University

Space Hack, 1st-2nd July

Will be run as part of the Final Frontier Space Festival. Space is rapdily becoming a hot topic in the world and Melbourne needs to jump on the bandwagon. Get this in your diaries and get excited, it’s going to be awesome.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – The University of Melbourne
DetailsSpace Hack

#SheHacks, 22-24th July

The all girl hackathon is back. Running in both Melbourne and Sydney, and calling all girl hackers, hipsters, and hustlers.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – General Assembly
DetailsGirl Geek Academy

Robot Hackathon, 23rd July

Build new things, explore technology, and have tonnes of fun. Play with JavaScript, Ardunios, Node.js, LEDs, and heaps of other hardware. You can purchase your own bot kit with your ticket too!
Location – Swinburne University
DetailsInternational NodeBots Day

Hacking Health, 25-27th July

Improve health care, solve real problems, and drive real change. Be you a doctor, nurse, hacker, designer, engineer, clinical, patient, investor, entrepreneur, or just generally interested in making a difference, this hackathon is for you.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – Melbourne
DetailsHIC Conference

UNIHACK, 30th-31st July

Imagine what you can do in one weekend? The Imagination Hackathon that’s what! No challenges, no limits, build whatever you want, however you want (open source only of course). All you have to do is make your thing work.
Grant Prize – TBA
Location – LAB-14, The Carlton Connect Initiative

GovHack, 30th-31st July

It’s on the same weekend as UNIHACK so choose your weapon… I mean… hackathon. GovHack is all about the data. Lots of big government organisations give up their data for the weekend for you to play with. How will you visualise it?
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – TBA

Law Hackathon, 5-7th August

Break the law… in a good way! Hack some of the big corporate law firms and see what you can come up with.
Grant Prize – $5K
Location – LAB-14, The Carlton Connect Initiative

Researcher@Library Hack Day, 26 August

One day hack for social good. Join in the cause!
Grant Prize – $300
Location – LAB-14, The Carlton Connect Initiative
Details – Researcher@Library

VR Hackathon, 12-14th August

A Virtual Reality Hackathon for Sustainable Urban Development. This hackathon seeks to create immersive experiences that help us better connect with the places we live.
Location – General Assembly
Details – The Anthronaut Experience

MEDevice Hackathon, starts 13th September

Interested in medical device innovation and MedTech? Then this is the hackathon for you! This one is run four Tuesday sessions – no weekend required!
Location – ResBaz
Details – MEDevical Device Innovation Hackathon

Smart Cities Hackathon, 8-9th October

Team up with devs, designers, and entrepreneurs and create a new wave of smart city services and solutions. This is all part of the 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems.
Prizes – more than 20K in prizes!
 – Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre
Details – ITS Smart Cities Hack

Unearthed, 14-16th October <<POSTPONED>>

A bunch of industry challenges, experts in the field and some great minds. Come together over a weekend to solve real problems and make a difference.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – General Assembly
DetailsUnearthed Solutions

HealthHack, 14-16th October

Another MedTech hackathon focusing on health. This one is run all over Australia at the same time! Get involved in the Melbourne one, otherwise check out the other locations.
Location – ThoughtWorks
Details – HealthHack Melbourne

TADHack, 14-16th October <<CANCELLED>>

Run by Telstra and centred around telecommunications, its applications, services, and businesses. It’s Global!
Grand Prize – TBA
 – Gurrowa Innovation Lab
Details – TADHack

Energy Hack, 21st-23rdth October

Join up with Melbourne Uni and Powershop to harness the consumer and technology revolution surrounding energy.
Grand Prize – TBA, see website for sneak preview
 – LAB-14, The Carlton Connect Initiative
Details – Energy Hack 2016

Climathon, 28-29th October

This is a traditional 24 hour hackathon! Running in tandem with every other climate centre around the world, you’ll have the chance to team up with like-minded people and transform Melbourne into a more resilient and sustainable city.
Grand Prize – Chance to be on the global stage during COP22
 – LAB-14, The Carlton Connect Initiative
Details – Melbourne CLIMATHON Challenge

Startup BootCamp IoT Hackathon, 21st-22nd November

Focus on four key themes, food/catering, security, maintenance, and waste management in this awesome hackathon at the G. It’s not just for techies, this hackathon is for everyone!
Grand Prize -$10,000
Location – MCG
DetailsSpotless Hackathon

InnovAGE, 25-27th November


MedTech, MedTech, MedTech! It’s all about the health… although this one is focused on aged care. With an aging population, we have a tonne of challenges. Come along and solve some of these.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – Gurrowa Innovation Lab

Startup Weekend, 25-27th November

Startup Weekend is back again! This time the focus is Retail technology. Create a business in one weekend and see how far you can take it.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – Digital Bunker
Details – Retail Tech 2016

Med Hack, 28-29th November

Yep it’s another MedTech hackathon. You need to apply to be in this one so get in quick. The earlier you apply, the higher your chance.
Grand Prize – Chance to do a hospital pilot.
Location – General Assembly
Details – med_hack

TOM MedTech Makeathon, 28-30th November

Get this one in your diaries, it’s going to be around the medical and health sector and you can make whatever you like.
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – Swinburne University of Technology

Telstra Cloud Hackathon, 9-11th December

Want to go on a holiday? Come up with your best holiday hack, using digital technology to enhance your holiday activities. There’s a big focus on hardware, with Pis and Arduinos readily available.
Grand Prize – $5000
Location – Gurrowa Innovation Lab
DetailsThe Telstra Cloud Hackathon

Kingdom Hack, probably later this year!

Be you Developer, Designer, or not even from the world of digital builder, we call upon you faithful internet dweller to accept the challenge. You are tasked to build something the likes of which we have not seen… Not sure about the Melbourne one, but there will be one in Wollongong, so check it out!
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – TBA
DetailsKingdom Hack

There are more to come so keep an eye out for them. Also, just rumours, but word along the grape vine is that there are hackathons around VR, law, and energy coming (just to name a few!) Get excited!!!

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