Learn to code on Nintendo Switch with FUZE4

FUZE Technologies’ learn-to-code platform release date announced

In 2017, FUZE Technologies announced they were bringing their popular learn-to-code game to Nintendo Switch. Now we have a launch date. FUZE4 for Nintendo Switch (F4NS) is coming. You can expect the game to be available on Apr. 1, 2019, an interesting choice for launch date. Let’s hope all things go well. Fans may see some fun April Fools pranks flying around the internet. But if you’re interested in coding, then lock this date away in your calendar.

Whilst this date is a little later than what some had hoped, FUZE promises us it’ll be worth the wait. The Managing Director of FUZE, Jon Silvera, commented on their commitment to producing a high-quality game:

As a small yet ambitious team, we are very much looking forward to releasing F4NS at a time when we know it is the best we can make it. We want to thank everyone for their support and patience – we promise it will be worth the wait!

Learning to code

FUZE4 teaches people to code languages such as Python, Java, and C++.  Those who’ve been at the coding game a while will remember the days of BASIC. FUZE4 is very reminiscent of that platform. F4NS is designed to be easy for beginners to learn to code, whilst offering a powerful platform for advanced users to write high-quality games and apps. The platform allows for both 2D and 3D game development.

The unique feature of FUZE4  is that it draws on the power of the community. The game includes hundreds of thousands of visual game assets for users to build upon. Similar to an open source community like GitHub, FUZE4  uses its game community to develop the game community. There are plenty of character spites right through to full 3D pieces like castles, dungeons, and more. Music is available as well as sound effects. Using the platform, it’s possible to create any number of games. The possibilities lie solely with the user. Your imagination is your limit.


Creative experience

Learning to code video games is all about creating an experience. Why does someone want to play your game? What are you offering the player?  FUZE4  gives you the tools you need to create those experiences. Image editors give you the power to place what you want in front of your audience. Create your own graphics, and implement platform levels and interactive backgrounds with ease.

If you’re completely new to coding, there are over 20 tutorials inside the platform to get you started. Go right from the basics, or expand on your current knowledge. There’s simply a world of opportunity just waiting for you to explore.


Whilst F4NS is new,  FUZE itself has been around for a while. It’s a modern adaption of BASIC and is available on ASUS Tinker Board, Raspberry Pi, and any Windows or Linux OS. The team behind this amazingly rich platform believe they are in the perfect position to deliver their software across multiple devices. With coding on the rise, and many children looking to code, Nintendo Switch is the perfect opportunity to build out FUZE’s offering.

The game will be available for just £29.99. This is a great value for anyone wanting to start diving into coding. F4NS will also be compatible with a keyboard, making lines of code easier to navigate.

Are you looking forward to F4NS? Are you a coder who would like to code anywhere? What do you think about coding on the Nintendo Switch? Leave all your comments below.


Originally published at Nintendo Enthusiast.



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