Sunshine and blue skies welcomes VASC to The Bend

The Bend opened it’s doors for the first time to the Supercars

Beautiful weather, sunshine, green grass, and smiles all around marked the first Supercars event at The Bend.

The Bend Motorsport Park has only been open for a matter of months. The Park began construction in 2016 and was completed in April this year. This weekend marks the first time the Supercars will be racing around the track.

Last year, there was only one race held in August – the Sydney SuperSprint. There’s been a few changes to the calendar this year. We saw this in the last round as the Sydney SuperSprint turned into the SuperNight. Now we see the inclusion of a new round at The Bend.

The Bend is a state of the art facility. It is a massive development and a huge win for the Australian motorsport scene. It’s situation on the same site as Rydges Hotel, meaning guests can stay on location. The paddock above the main stretch is part of the Rydges complex. This makes for a lovely atmosphere, and ensures high quality corporate entertainment. There’s a number of cafes available and the go karts are only a short walk away.

The feeling of luxury isn’t just in the hotels, the corporate bars, and the beautiful bitumen. Luxury cars from all over have been bought in. Yes we see these at a lot of other Supercars events, and certainly the Formula 1, but there’s something about having the cars displayed indoors under studio-like lighting. Racing cars, sports cars, retired cars, even motorbikes are all on display for the fans.

Green open spaces allow for plenty of room for exhibitors and attractions. It kinda reminds me of the Australian Grand Prix – people lounging about the pop-ups, while the kids run around getting all the free lollies. The park is still undergoing development and a number of new facilities are still to be built in the precinct; including caravan and camping grounds.

The atmosphere all around the park is simply amazing! The track is probably one of the best I’ve seen. Almost anywhere in the park you can see a good length of the track. If you’re on the straight, you can look up and over the field. If you’re on the high ground, fans peer over the track. Your entire view, no matter where you are, feels like a hot wheels track. You see a bird’s eye view, putting you right in the middle of the action where you can see nearly every turn.

Speaking of the middle of the action. Similar, to Sydney’s Eastern Creek, the whole motorsport track at The Bend is almost entirely open. This means all ticket holders can access the paddock. Paddock access at these bigger venues is key to engaging fans and giving them something they can’t get through digital means. Plus there’s always new ways to entertain the masses. What better way than shooting off a rocket-car-thingy down the main stretch!

So there you have it. The Bend is the pinnacle of motorsport here in Australia. Will we see the Formula 1 move back to South Australia? What’s in store when the precinct is finished building? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, if you’re in the Adelaide area, head over the Supercars for the weekend. There’s still tomorrow (Sunday) with plenty of on-track action. It’s a great day out and don’t forget kids are free! It’s all blue skies and sunshine so there’s no excuses. Otherwise, if you’re at home, tune into all the action over at the Supercars website. Their site also has all the results and low-down on every race.


Hero banner from The Bend website.

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